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2016-10 为香港核保理赔协会演讲 ─ 承保及申索案例研究 PDF
2015-09 Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Ordinance) - with a section on Insurance Contracts PDF
2015-08 於廠商會為餐飲服務業委員會演講 - 餐飲業面對的法律風險及其管制 PDF
2015-06 Meeting between TLB and PLA(HK) Ltd PDF
2014-06 The Effect of Personal Data Privacy Ordinance on Insurance Industry PDF
2014-06 Motor Vehicle Insurance - How Does it Work ? PDF
2014-06 Insurance Brokers and the Duty of Utmost Good Faith PDF
2013-05 Presentation for IFAA(獨立理財顧問協會有限公司)- The Basic Principles of Insurance Law and IIA PDF
2013-03 Application of Insurance Policy in Family Maintenance and Will & Law of Succession and their Relationship with Insurance Law PDF
2012-11 The Anti-Bribery Laws of Hong Kong PDF
2012-09 A General Comparison between Hong Kong and PRC Insurance Law PDF
2012-05 Presentation for LUA(香港人壽保險從業員協會)- Basic Principle of Requirements of a Broker - Hobbins v Skandia or Clearwater PDF
2011-08 Building Management (3rd Party Risks Insurance) & Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy PDF
2011-06 Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Policy - What to Look for ? PDF
2010-05 Directors & Officers Liability Insurance & its Variations PDF
2010-01 Presentation for the Insurance Institute of Hong Kong Ltd (香港保險學會有限公司)- Law of Succession and Application of Insurance Policy in Business PDF
2008-04 The Effect of (i)Sex Discrimination Ordinance (ii)Disability Discrimination Ordinance (iii) Family Status Discrimination Ordinance on Insurance Industry PDF
2007-04 When Accountants meet Financial Planners - How to Join Hands and Assist Clients PDF
2007-04 Application of Insurance Policy in Family Maintainance PDF