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Ultimate Victory - at the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal
We won a case for our client at the Court of Final Appeal.

A man married with 2 children had an affair with a woman in Mainland China. The mistress came to Hong Kong in 2012 to give birth to a daughter. However she soon split up with the man and settled down back in Mainland China. In 2012, the former mistress commenced proceedings at the Hong Kong Family Court to claim maintenance from the man for her daughter. The man claimed custody and maintenance for the daughter from the court in Mainland China, and alleged that the Hong Kong Family Court does not have jurisdiction to hear the case as the daughter is resident in Mainland China. He also applied to stay the Hong Kong legal proceedings till the court in Mainland China has determined on the matter.
The man’s application was dismissed at the Court of the First Instance but he succeeded at the Court of Appeal. The former mistress then appealed to the Court of Final Appeal. On 21st June this year, 5 judges sitting at the Court of Final Appeal all ruled in favour of the former mistress and considered that the Hong Kong Family Court has jurisdiction. Please click here for the law report on the case.
We are very happy to have won the case for our client.
This case is an appeal to the Court of Final Appeal with 5 judges all ruling in favour of our client. This is not easy to achieve. Our partner Mr Nick Wong who has been running this case has done a great job!