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Year & Month Item Title Files
2017-02 Court Application for Setting up an Independent Committee to Administer the Estate of a Mentally Incapacitated Person PDF
2017-02 Court Application for Enforcing a PRC Arbitration Award in Hong Kong PDF
2017-02 Court Application for Restoration of a De-Registered Limited Liability Company PDF
2016-06 Should You Sue the Legislative Council? PDF
2016-05 Has Section 30A(10) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance been Wholly Repealed? PDF
2016-03 Enforceability of Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Hong Kong PDF
2016-01 Bankruptcy and the Basic Law - the case of the Official Receiver v Charles Zhi & another (FACV No 8 of 2015) PDF
2015-09 Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Ordinance) - with a section on Arbitration PDF
2008-08 Seminar on Civil Justice Reform PDF